A Memorable Day for Many Generations at the Yardley Inn

Dear Yardley Inn-

How often is a day so memorable for many generations? As I sit down and write about June 15, 2013 I swell with pride. What a day! What an incredible moment in time! If I could hold freeze that day in time –I truly would. My children, my parents, my husband and I were surrounded by love!

On June 15, 2013 my son reached a milestone in his life. It was a beautiful day as we celebrated at the Yardley Inn surrounded by friends, grandparents, and relatives far and near. Jared had his bar mitzvah. What amazes me about this day is that often we live our lives running around day to day, but how often do we get to stop and reflect on our children.

Reflect on their childhood. Pause and think of their first days walking, talking, making friends, going to school and then without a blink in the eye you look at your child and realize they are growing up fast and they are teenagers. Before time passes by, our heritage allows us a moment to bring together our community and wish him well on the next phase of his life. We never take the journey of life alone, as it is enriched by those we share it with.

The setting at Yardley Inn was perfect, beautiful setting, great food, attentive staff. An ideal backdrop for a moment that special!

Cindy Epstein