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Growing Inn

Thoughts by Bob Freed, Owner I really think that my earliest memories of a food passion and dreams began in my early teens. It was then that my mother (a widow) would take us on summer day trips to Jersey beaches and most notably, Long Beach Island. Usually she packed lunches, but occasionally she would […]

What’s New in the Yardley Inn Garden

In case you were wondering about our latest garden news, we’ve started radishes, salad greens, peas, escarole, radicchio, herbs in the two  gardens. Many of our seedlings are being raised by the Bucks County Technical School students under the supervision of Carl Vivaldi. You can see Chef Eben and Carl meeting in the green house […]

Responsible Sourcing Remains a Key Focus for Yardley Inn

YARDLEY, PA – More families are turning to natural and organic foods far beyond their fruits and veggies, now looking for dairy, eggs, and meat products that are grass-fed, cage-free, and free from hormones and antibiotics. Numerous health benefits greet consumers who choose these products over the mass-produced, packaged meats and poultries that have long been […]