E-i-e-i-oh – that’s fresh!

How fresh can you get? At The Yardley Inn, we believe that everything on your plate has to be farm-fresh – even if that sometimes means growing it ourselves. Really! Not only do we keep an on-site kitchen garden brimming with seasonal vegetables and herbs; we even maintain our own two-acre organic farm right down the road, tended by farmer-in- residence Susan Schneck. A longtime Yardley resident, Susan works with Chef Eben and General Manager Michele Mohollen to decide what produce will complement the seasonal menus, and arranges her growing schedule accordingly – and vice-versa, since the chef is also inspired by what is good and available at any given time.

“I try my best to provide the vegetables and fruits the chef wants,” says Susan. “Our season runs from April through October, or November, if weather permits; we do not use electric power on the farm, so we don’t grow in the winter.” She adds that organic food is more challenging because without the use of chemicals, the farmer has to be more diligent about cultural practices and crop rotation.

What it all means is escarole, beets, peas, and radishes in the spring, tomatoes, beans, and cucumbers in the summer, and more greens in the fall. It’s not always easy, but since Susan believes that nothing tastes like just-picked produce, it’s well worth the effort. If you haven’t dined here, you owe it to yourself to taste the difference.