Enjoy a Great Burger this Summer!

Did you know Chef Eben is really passionate about the quality of the meat we use in our burgers and everything else at the Yardley Inn? He feels very strongly about beef and using local ingredients in all that he cooks.

“I’m constantly striving to improve the quality of beef we serve here,” says Chef Eben. “Just recently we bought a commercial grinder so we can grind our burger meat daily. We’re using a blend of chuck, sirloin, and brisket right now. The next time you have a Yardley Burger, check out the improvement and let us know what you think. I’m currently working  to find a reliable source for naturally-raised, humanely treated beef.”

Chef Eben explains that most commercially available beef beef comes from one of five huge packing houses that run feedlots throughout the Midwest. Being from Kansas, Eben feels strongly about ensuring top quality of the beef served at the Yardley Inn.

“My eventual goal is to form a cooperative of local farmers, distributors and restaurateurs interested in bringing humanely treated, sustainably grown, local beef to our tables,” Eben says. “I’m working on it with some very motivated people and I feel confident that we should be able to bring you some local beef within the next year. In the meanwhile we are going to work toward switching over to natural beef from other sources. None of you will feel the impact of these changes in your pocketbook. I don’t believe that eating the best food should be a luxury.”