Growing Inn

garden1Thoughts by Bob Freed, Owner

I really think that my earliest memories of a food passion and dreams began in my early teens. It was then that my mother (a widow) would take us on summer day trips to Jersey beaches and most notably, Long Beach Island.

Usually she packed lunches, but occasionally she would splurge for lunch at Flo’s Diner (Brandt Beach I think) where we would order some fresh quick-fried flounder filets with the best, freshest coleslaw I ever had. I’m thinking the fish was caught that morning and the coleslaw ingredients were harvested the day before. We would wash it down with homemade lemonade or real iced tea.

Back to the beach and the long wait for the ringing bells that would signal the ar

rival of the real Good Humor man dressed in full whites complete with cap and bowtie. Usually we would head back to Philly around 4. You see, this would leave us enough time to hit our favorite Jersey farm markets. I know that I will trigger some debate when I say that there was none better then and still today when we’re talking about Jersey tomatoes, corn, blueberries, melons, and squash. I’m a little embarrassed to say that my mother was one of those shuckers in front of you, tirelessly shucking away until she captured the absolute best 12 ears of the lot.

How is it that these products tasted sooo much better than the produce from our local markets, I asked myself then. One could understand a moderate difference… but such a dramatic change? The answer obviously is in the freshness of the products and the techniques used in growing these crops, including soil characteristics and hydration.

So you can imagine my excitement when Chef Eben and General Manager Michele Mohollen and myself decided to collaborate on our farm-to-table project? This year we have added a professional farm manager, Susan Schneck, who brings to the project the necessary expertise and passion that will make our farming project thrive.

As always, we warmly embrace our commitment to serve every guest with passion. We thoughtfully prepare each plate of food that leaves our kitchen, and we truly care about every guest’s personal food preferences and sensitivities. Our kitchen staff happily caters to all tastes, including diets that must remain meat-free, gluten-free, and so on. We have a lot of exciting things planned for the summer, including a dinner event paired with a harvesting tour of our gardens as well as great live music, wine dinners, and more.

garden2I’m still not sure what the attraction is to the various chain eateries that seem to concentrate more on quantity than quality. Our focus remains on the latter. As the Yardley Inn continues to grow in so many ways—expanding our offerings and taking deeper roots in areas of our greatest passion—we enjoy having you along for each season of growth. Whether it’s a casual lunch, a special birthday celebration, or an after-work drink, we’re proud to serve all of our guests with the same devotion and enthusiasm we did on opening day.