Homegrown and Local Focus with an Air of Mystery at the Harvest Dinner

yardley inn tomatoesThe Yardley Inn Restaurant, Bar & Farm continues to grow its farm to fork philosophy along with its Riverside Kitchen Garden and its farm plot on River Road. September brings many types of homegrown crops to maturity. The Yardley Inn’s Garden Manager Susan Schneck expects a hearty crop come late September, including lettuces, spinach, beets, globe turnips, radishes, and possibly beans and tomatoes (if they last that long). Carrots, kale, and broccoli may also be available for picking at the Yardley Inn Farm. To celebrate another season of growth as well as a bountiful harvest, the Yardley Inn Restaurant, Bar & Farm looks forward to its first-ever Fall Harvest Dinner—a fall themed event whose menu will rely entirely on what’s available locally when the date arrives.

The dinner takes place on Wednesday, September 18 at 7 p.m., starting off with a tour of the Inn’s gardens and farmland, continuing with actual harvesting of some ingredients for the evening’s courses, and concluding with a fine spread of food and wines, all sourced locally and many grown on the Inn’s own soil. Since the dinner relies on what’s available at the Inn’s own gardens, Yardley Inn Executive Chef Eben Copple plans to finalize the menu about a week prior to the event when he has a better idea of what will be ready. Chef Eben plans to craft the menu based on what items are ready for harvest in the Inn’s gardens while also coordinating with other local vendors for the meats, cheeses, and other ingredients.


The chef has long embraced a passion for the garden to tale movement, long before it became trendy in recent years. He comes from a family that introduced him to culinary treasures found at farmer’s markets and even while foraging for ingredients. This Fall Harvest Dinner gives the chef an opportunity to share his passion with guests, walking them through the very gardens where key ingredients blossom and grow. It also puts a new spin on a fun culinary event, keeping the menu in suspense while the chef upholds his commitment to fresh, local ingredients.

squash blossom

Chef Eben will also choose local wines, beer, and spirits as beverages to complement the flavors of the evening’s courses. He currently hopes to include a sparkling wine from Pinnacle Ridge, a chardonnay or pinot noir from Blair Vineyard (both from the Lehigh Valley), a beer from Vault (in Yardley), and a cocktail using Dad’s Hat Rye from Bristol. These beverages may change as the menu comes together to ensure proper pairings, but this is the chef’s initial vision.

“The whole idea is that everything will be as close to home as possible,” says Chef Eben. “All the produce will be from the garden. All the meat will be local. All the drinks will be local or as close as quality will allow.”

The cost to attend the Yardley Inn’s Fall Harvest Dinner is $55 per person, plus tax and gratuity. Call the Inn at 215-493-3800 or visit www.yardleyinn.com to make your reservations.

A variety of creative theme dinners take place at the Yardley Inn throughout the year, including wine dinners, beer dinners, and dinners featuring scotch, bourbon, or champagne, among others. The Yardley Inn is also open for special holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, and more, along with normal business hours throughout the year.