Inn and Out – Introducing the New Yardley Inn To-Go Bags

to-go bags


The next time you place a takeout order at the Yardley Inn, you will receive your very own To-Go bag, which is great for many purposes. Take it shopping with you to bring home heavy groceries or use it as a tote bag whenever you leave the house. Most of all, bring it back to the Yardley Inn for takeout again and again and you’ll receive $1 off your takeout purchase each time.

All your favorite dishes on the Yardley Inn menus are available for takeout—burgers, meatloaf, salmon, steaks, sandwiches, appetizers, desserts, and more—so the next time you don’t feel like cooking, think of the inn place.

Yardley Burger The Yardley Inn February 28, 2014

 Salmon The Yardley Inn February 28, 2014

Cheesesteak The Yardley Inn February 28, 2014