Inn Search of Your Feedback – Dinner Menu Style

So we have been going back and forth about our dinner menu format (lunch and brunch are fine).

Some of the “brain trust” believe that is too overwhelming to present our guest with multiple menus (regular dinner, early bird, specials menu, and bar menu, depending on your table location and by request anywhere, of course; not to mention our fab dessert list).

The traditionalists among us believe most of our evening guests innjoy the variety offered by multiple menus.

One solution would be try consolidate all of the choices onto a universal evening / nite time menu.

Hmmmm … sounds good in theory – but our mock-up of this same concept did not have the right feel; a bit like a large department store moving three floors into one. We would never want to do that to our guests. We want the menu to be comfortable and easy to absorb, yet fully able to introduce new items and specials as well. Our goal is not to overwhelm…

We are desperately seeking guest input…! Please post a comment or share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page.

– Bob Freed