Most Memorable Time at the Yardley Inn – A Wonderful Wedding Reception

Dear Bob, Robin, and Michele,

Sharon and I enjoyed our “most memorable” experience at the Yardley Inn Restaurant & Bar on the afternoon of November 28, 1992, when family and friends joined us there to participate in our wonderful wedding reception.  It was a second marriage for each of us and we had spent the past decade together before deciding to “tie the knot” just weeks before our wedding.  As with most second marriages, we had no intention of inviting countless friends and acquaintances to a “splashy” celebration at a huge wedding hall.  Ours would be a more subtle, yet “classy” event comprised only of our immediate families and very close friends, totaling less than sixty guests.

While we considered other locations for our reception, those were quickly eliminated after discussing our plans with the young woman then handling special events at the Yardley Inn.   She and the other staff personnel with whom we dealt were charming, poised and professional, offering advice on seating arrangements, bar service, hors d’oeuvres, menu selections, and many other suggestions to make our day “most memorable.”  And memorable it was!

Our reception was held in the richly paneled room to the immediate right as one enters the restaurant from the parking area.  Beautifully draped windows offered subtle lighting and views of the historic Delaware River.  Naturally, most of the attendees were already enjoying wine and cocktails as Sharon and I arrived with our small wedding party.  Music was provided by a personal friend, Tony Cardello, famous throughout Trenton’s then very popular Chambersburg restaurant area where he sang his entire Frank Sinatra repertoire.  Appropriately, one of his tunes at our reception was “The Second Time Around.”  The room was gorgeously decorated with a beautiful head table and comfortable circular tables for our guests, an easily accessible premium bar, special tables for our cake and Tony’s musical apparatus, and still an ample dance floor.

And last but not least, the food! From appetizers to dessert, each dish was absolutely superb and the entire server staff could not have performed in a more courteous and exceptional manner.  Our guests raved throughout that evening and days later about the resplendent reception provided by your wonderful staff.  That very special occasion has been a frequent topic of discussion during the past two decades.  We have you and your sublime staff of professionals to thank for a “most memorable” wedding celebration.  Thank you very much!


Robert J. Long