Our Most Memorable Experience at the Yardley Inn (Anniversary Contest Winner)

The winning entry in the Yardley Inn’s Anniversary Contest, written by Wendy Cacacie

Re: Our most memorable experience

Dear Bob, Robin and Michelle,

Since moving into Yardley 25 years ago we have celebrated many milestone events with you at The Yardley Inn. Our most memorable took place on Friday evening, October 6, 1989 when we held a surprise 60th birthday party for my mother, Zelda Coren, in your newly and beautifully decorated Crossroads Room. It may have been the first big event in that room after Bob and Robin became the owners. The invoice was typed out on plain paper as the Inn’s new stationery had not yet arrived.

It was a black tie optional evening that started with a sumptuous reception. Our forty guests noshed on assorted canopies, sipped Asti Spumante, (my mother’s favorite spirit) and enjoyed the most beautifully presented whole poached salmon that anyone ever saw. To this day we have never seen a more magnificently presented fish (See picture of fish.)

Every details of the evening was handled to maximize our guest’s enjoyment. The Inn provided a piano so that our musician could set a warm tone with melodies of old standards. Our server’s (David, Rebecca and Ellen?) sparkling smiles lit up the room. The chef worked with us to customize a delectable meal which was served with the special wine of the Inn, Yardley Belvedere.

Following the main course, my mother’s dearest friends and family got up to the microphone and told funny, heartwarming stories about Zelda and sang homemade songs that made our guests laugh a lot and cry a little. Many of these people are no longer with us. But Zelda still is. And although she lives in Florida, each summer when she comes up to visit we always make sure to have dinner at the Yardley Inn where fond memories of that special evening bring a smile to our faces.

We had planned a special 75th birthday Sunday Brunch for mom at the Inn on September 19th, 2004. However early that morning Michelle called to tell us that flooding from the Delaware river had put an abrupt end to those plans. This year we hope the river will be more cooperative so we can celebrate Zelda’s 85th birthday with you.

The Yardley Inn has become one of our favorite neighbors in this charming community that we have shared for 25 years. Thank You for being such an important part of the celebrations in our lives.


Wendy Cacacie