Our Summer Project

So you probably all already know that we take our food pretty seriously.  We’re growing produce in our own garden, we get only grass-fed hormone and antiboitic-free beef, we make (nearly) everything from scratch.  Well now we’re out to take another big step up in quality.

By the end of the summer it is our goal to eliminate all factory-farmed foods from our restaurant once and for all.

We have a few hurdles to jump before we get all the way there but we’ve already passed a few big barriers on our way.  Our eggs are now sourced from Griggstown Farms, along with our whole chickens and a good bit of summer produce.  Our pork shoulders (they get used for paprikash mainly, but also make appearances in the meatloaf and the cuban sandwich) are now coming from New Jersey berkshire hogs.  We’re taking our first delivery of dairy (milk, cream, butter, yogurt and some cheeses) from Lancaster Farm Fresh tomorrow.  By the end of the summer we will also be getting locally raised and processed chicken parts (wings, boneless breast for lemon chicken and the like), processed pork products (bacon, breakfast sausage) and the rest of our dairy (cheeses for burgers, sour cream, other odds and ends) from sources that satisfy the spirit of responsible farming.

There is a distinction to be made between farms that practice small-scale, humane agriculture and those that are merely licensed as organic or natural.  I’m sure you’ve heard about those chicken farms that are allowed to call their chickens “free range” just because there’s a small door open to the outside for a couple hours a day, or about the “organic” milk that comes from cows treated with growth supplements and antibiotics that still satisfy the government’s requirements for certification.  These things do not make the cut with us.  We are interested in getting our meats, poultry and dairy from sources that truly follow the tenets of sustainability and humane treatment.  We will go to the farms and look at their operation with our own eyes to determine if they satisfy our requirements.

Keep tuned in throughout the summer for updates about this ongoing project.  When you dine, you’ll be able to taste the difference.