Remembering the Yardley Inn 40 Years Ago, and Now

I know this does not qualify as a remembrance for your special anniversary but I wanted to include it in your Yardley Inn stories as a past event….

Long before you bought the inn and made it the wonderful, welcoming place it is now, several different owners tried to make a go of it. About 40 years ago my husband and I and a neighbor couple down our street decided to go there for New Year’s Eve. It was snowing heavily that night, it was close, and we both had young children at home. After a probably mediocre meal we headed home, and upon arriving back at our house in Yardley we discovered that our teenage babysitter had “entertained” a boyfriend who had jumped out our 2nd floor bathroom window into the snow below in order to escape detection. We have laughed about this incident for a long time, but we now love the Inn and are probably there once or twice a month. Obviously our children are grown and long gone but the memories still remain, congrats on your success on establishing the Yardley Inn as a go to place and something that was missing in Yardley for many years.

BTW, my parents, now deceased, were Bob and Kay Crane, both of whom you knew and met through Harry Stevens in New York, my father was Jimmy (son) Steven’s roommate in college and he introduced my parents to each other.