Open Table

Never a disappointment! It was Restaurant Week and busy. All staff were very attentive and professional. Our server was outstanding! Vet knowledgeable and friendly. Food fantastic as always! Don’t miss it
Lily R.

Fabulous in every way and best of all... you can count on it being fabulous day after day, year after year. Fun bar-GREAT DRINKS All of their bartenders are tip top Wonderful menu- every item-DELISH! Wonderful by the river view and a perfect Bucks County up to date ambiance.... Perfect place to meet friends.... don't miss it!
Lisa Kolenda Betz

The Yardley Inn is a great restuarant for any meal! Their staff is beyond experienced.
Trip Advisor

Charming location, unique menu, excellent atmosphere
Unique vegetarian, GF, and seafood dishes with some of the standard items. Their appetizer concept is really cool. Small samples sold separately or in a 'threesome' with really unique flavors. Loved the Tile Fish dish, never had that before but was an awesome experiment. Great flavor combinations like wilted watercress with our fish dinner.
Open Table

My wife and I went to the Yardley Inn during the 2019 Spring Bucks County Restaurant Week. My wife had the steak shank and I had the seeded Mahi Mahi. Both entrees were EXCELLENT. Our server was also excellent! Also, MONDAY is half-price bottle of wine night---AWESOME! Being right on the water in Yardley, the ambiance and the interior of the Yardley Inn is exquisite! Highly recommend!
Bonnie Benedetto

We enjoy the consistently delicious food, wine, great service and seeing local friends. It's our local "Cheers"!
Robin E.

There's something wonderful about the Yardley Inn. It's on the river. Both locals and tourists can co-mingle. The food, service and atmosphere are just right. My dad and I stopped for dinner. He had the largest portion of pasta with a delicious meat sauce and I had a wedge salad. I was really happy that he brought home half so we could have it again at home. I don't normally get a wedge salad but I'm so glad I did! It was just the right size. The blue cheese and bacon were to die for. So good! It came with a light buttermilk dressing. I think that is what made it special. This is a great place for both a casual meal or special occasions. I've done both and am always happy!
Open Table

We loved the variety on the menu, the ambiance and the knowledge of the staff. Kevin was our server and was great! Excellent descriptive communications skills, expertly set expectations and ensured they were met. Beautiful setting across from the river which for me was very relaxing and made the dining experience even better. LOVE the fact that they grow their own herbs right on site. So cool.
Open Table

Went for the Beer and Burger night. Burgers were great! Done exactly as wanted and the one with Boursin cheese was fabulous! I picked one of the beers that were recommended and it paired bery well. Will definitely be back again.....and again!
Curtis G

Had a great family dinner here. Service was great, food even better. Great atmosphere,friendly service, good food, great choice of beers, specials were good and all with the family made for a fantastic Sunday evening. We will be back.