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The Doctor and the Chef: Gluten Free Dinner at the Yardley Inn, January 8 at 7 p.m.

Dr. Wendy Warner and Chef Eben share tips for delicious gluten-free meals in the latest installment of the Yardley Inn Restaurant, Bar & Farm’s Doctor and the Chef series. The Gluten Free Dinner takes place on Wednesday, January 8, beginning at 7 p.m. and features the following menu: 1st course: Buckwheat salad, frisee, green apple, […]

Homegrown and Local Focus with an Air of Mystery at the Harvest Dinner

The Yardley Inn Restaurant, Bar & Farm continues to grow its farm to fork philosophy along with its Riverside Kitchen Garden and its farm plot on River Road. September brings many types of homegrown crops to maturity. The Yardley Inn’s Garden Manager Susan Schneck expects a hearty crop come late September, including lettuces, spinach, beets, […]

What’s New in the Yardley Inn Garden

In case you were wondering about our latest garden news, we’ve started radishes, salad greens, peas, escarole, radicchio, herbs in the two  gardens. Many of our seedlings are being raised by the Bucks County Technical School students under the supervision of Carl Vivaldi. You can see Chef Eben and Carl meeting in the green house […]

Upcoming Dinner Event Focuses on “Eating to Boost Your Immunity”

For centuries, people of all cultures have embraced certain nutrients, vitamins, and herbs for their medicinal, healing, or preventative properties. Vitamin C is touted for its many benefits, like protection against cardiovascular disease, eye disease, prenatal health issues, and various immune system deficiencies, among others, as identified by WebMD. Modern medicine and holistic healing also […]