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Our Most Memorable Experience at the Yardley Inn (Anniversary Contest Winner)

The winning entry in the Yardley Inn’s Anniversary Contest, written by Wendy Cacacie Re: Our most memorable experience Dear Bob, Robin and Michelle, Since moving into Yardley 25 years ago we have celebrated many milestone events with you at The Yardley Inn. Our most memorable took place on Friday evening, October 6, 1989 when we […]

Most Memorable Time at the Yardley Inn – A Wonderful Wedding Reception

Dear Bob, Robin, and Michele, Sharon and I enjoyed our “most memorable” experience at the Yardley Inn Restaurant & Bar on the afternoon of November 28, 1992, when family and friends joined us there to participate in our wonderful wedding reception.  It was a second marriage for each of us and we had spent the […]

Yardley Inn Memories over the Past 25 Years

We are so grateful for the wonderful relationships we’ve established with our guests over the years. It’s been an amazing 25 years and we’re looking forward to all that is to come. In thinking back on the past two and a half decades, we asked our friends on Facebook – What’s your favorite Yardley Inn […]