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California Dreaming… Sebastiani Wine Dinner at the Yardley Inn

California wines are prized for their flavors, production methods, and their rich history and tradition. The popular winemaking regions of Sonoma and Napa Valley bring to mind decades of family-owned vineyards, not to mention greener, more sustainable grape-growing and winemaking rituals. The varied flavors of these California wines play very nicely with a variety of […]

10 Pinot Dinner at the Yardley Inn Restaurant & Bar Features Wines from All over the World with Food to Match

Pinot Noir wine gets its name from the shape and color of the grapes used in creating this popular varietal. The French terms for “pine” and “black” in the name reference the pine-cone shaped clusters of deep purple grapes, which grow in many cool regions across the world, especially in the Burgundy region of France. […]