The 31-Cent Screw (Bob’s first guest post)

As many of you may know, Robin and I have just relocated to a town home in Newtown. Among the many items on my to do list was to acquire a certain screw for a switch plate. We were fortunate enough to have moved to within walking distance to Newtown Hardware Store.


A sales person promptly approached and inquired as to my needs. I displayed the piece of hardware for which I was seeking a match. Sensing I might have been a hardware neophyte, he kindly toured me though the store and helped me through the maze of nuts bolts and screws until we found a match. I never felt rushed. I felt like VIP customer.

This was certainly a powerful reminder for me to reinforce our Yardley Inn policy of treating each and every guest (regardless of the purchase – we do understand that some guests like to split our quiche for lunch and spend less than 15$ for lunch for 2) with the same passion.

You are our life blood. We could not exist without you!

(Bob Freed is owner of the Yardley Inn Restaurant & Bar.)