The Yardley Inn Garden Journal

May 22, 2017

On your next visit to the Yardley Inn we invite you to visit our charming garden – which is becoming more alive and vibrant every day with both decorative and edible life! Here you can explore the finest elements of the spring season, as well as find proof that the rebirth of the earth is a very special thing to witness.



It truly thrills us to see our hearty garlic filling out so nicely. Planted in the fall and carefully watched over the winter, these new additions will be ready for harvesting in July. Our garlic was a very special gift, presented to us by a late patron of the Yardley Inn who was also a wonderful friend. We will keep this stock going for many years to come, in our dear friend’s memory. As we all know, both good friendships and good bulb stock are very special, and must be treasured!

Visitors will notice many varieties of seedlings poking their heads out of the freshly turned and amended spring soil. These young growths are rapidly maturing as the recent rain and abundant sun-filled days have coaxed the most life out of each seed. This spring has most certainly been a prime season for growing!

Our delicate sugar snap pea tendrils are stretching upwards and are readying themselves for their big climb up the trellis. And the Inn’s radishes – which take only twenty-five days to develop from seed to table – are growing rapidly and seem anxious to become a part of our lively kitchen preparations.

And what is a garden without beautiful flowers? We are pleased to report that the colorful Yardley Inn blossoms have not only opened, but are also enticing pollinating insects to visit and do their part to enable the formation of sumptuous summer fruits.

More beauty is still to come in our garden. We shall see the formation of scrumptious strawberries and sweet ripe blueberries, and we look forward to the highly coveted and much anticipated first tomato of the season (yes, there will be some time before that happens!). While some of some of the life in our garden is reaching maturation, there are still many varieties just beginning their seasonal cycle.

A stop in the garden truly is a highlight of a Yardley Inn visit. The garden is one way we continue to incorporate as many Farm to Table elements as we can into our menu – whether growing some of our own ingredients or sourcing as many items as we can locally – to ensure the finest and freshest dining experience for all our guests.

Whether before your meal, or after you have enjoyed our delicious faire, we invite you to experience the garden in all its glory, stroll through the beautiful plants and blossoms, and take in the sights and scents of this special location.