Waterfront Dining near Philadelphia

The Yardley Inn has the good fortune of a lovely dining location along the Delaware River. As the seasons change, we and our guests are blessed with a stunning backdrop that is so befitting a waterside restaurant in this area. We know many guests come far and wide to enjoy waterfront dining near Philadelphia — not just guests from Yardley and Bucks County, but also folks from New York City and beyond. We are thrilled to be a special meeting place for guests near and far.

For those already located in Philadelphia and dreaming of waterfront dining, Bucks County is blessed with the great Delaware River and its natural surroundings. A visit to the Yardley Inn along the Delaware can be a breath of fresh air and a nice change from the bustling city environment. This picturesque setting remains beautiful with each passing season, whether delighting diners with fall foliage, bedecked in snow, fresh and alive with a hint of spring, or in full bloom come summertime.

The next time you want to enjoy waterfront dining near Philadelphia, remember that Yardley is just a stone’s throw away, about 20 minutes down the road from the city. Be sure to come and enjoy the gorgeous fall colors on our patio or take in the views from our riverside seating inside.