What’s New in the Yardley Inn Garden

In case you were wondering about our latest garden news, we’ve started radishes, salad greens, peas, escarole, radicchio, herbs in the two  gardens. Many of our seedlings are being raised by the Bucks County Technical School students under the supervision of Carl Vivaldi. You can see Chef Eben and Carl meeting in the green house to review the progress of the seedlings, rows of peas and radicchio, and a close view of our salad greens getting started. Loving how our garden’s back inn season!

Seedlings just getting started…


peas radicchio

Peas and Radicchio coming up…


Salad greens up close

Salad greens up close


First thinning of radish greens

First thinning of radish greens


Keep scrolling to see how much they’ve progressed…! We recently planted tomatoes, summer squash, and cucumbers, as well.



First radishes of the year

The radishes above, as well as some greens from the Riverside Garden, will be going into today’s pork special.

We’d like to extend a big thanks to our Garden Manager Sue Schneck for all her hard work and for these great photos!