Yardley Inn Memories over the Past 25 Years

We are so grateful for the wonderful relationships we’ve established with our guests over the years. It’s been an amazing 25 years and we’re looking forward to all that is to come.

In thinking back on the past two and a half decades, we asked our friends on Facebook – What’s your favorite Yardley Inn memory over the past 25 years? 

Here are the replies we received:

  • Christine Cousins Weiland My retirement luncheon.

May 19 at 5:34pm

  • Paula Noakes Kopack I photographed a wedding there when the power went out due to a snowstorm. The people that ran the reception put candles everywhere and made it one of the most beautifully-lit reception. Nobody would have ever known the power was out! Kudos to everybody who was involved!

May 19 at 5:52pm

  • Faith Tedesco Quinn My bridal shower!

May 19 at 6:30pm

  • Sue Bradley My friends surprise birthday party. The food was great, the party was great and she had no idea.

May 19 at 7:16pm

  • Patricia Snyder What a great bartender, Andy is. We look forward to seeing her always.

May 19 at 7:26pm

  • Philip James Millner Everyone who I worked with before I joined the army. Such great times!

May 19 at 8:51pm

  • Lisa Moock Barrett Helping to open it !! Cleaning the chairs and tables in the parking lot that first summer, arranging where they would go in the dining rooms, waiting on the eccentric “old lady” who came in everyday for her martini lunch. And of course so many great meals over the years.

May 19 at 9:16pm

  • Maggie Barber I celebrated my 50″s birthday with friends and family! It was a wonderful surprise from my honey Kevin Malone. As always , everything was perfect. We had a fabulous meal and ended the evening at the bar listening to some great music. I miss our times at the Yardley Inn. It hasn’t been the same ( for me) without Kevin!!

May 20 at 3:15am

  • Michelle Harris On a beautiful Memorial Day Sunday some years ago, my friend Marcy and I sat outside to have lunch and a catch-up chat. Two rounds of diners at two other tables came and went, we enjoyed talking with them. Now being nearly dinner time, a third group came and sat down, we told them they would have a great time with us… Everyone else had!  That started a chat with THEM, so Marcy and I decided to just stay for DINNER! It was a great day!!!

May 20 at 11:16am

  • Margaret Daniello my family gave me my 60th birthday party here. it was wonderful

May 26 at 12:19am

MAY 31
Robin Holmes wrote on Yardley Inn Restaurant & Bar’s timeline:

When I moved to Yardley in 1969, the Yardley Inn was a mere shadow of what it is today. I don’t think I was ever in the place before I went off to University of Pennsylvania in 1973. My husband and I lived on the Main Line until 1987 when we were relocated to the Pittsburgh area where we became frequent visitors at Nemacolin Woodlands. Our Friends were members of the “84 Club” and we enjoyed our association there very much! We once parked our 40 foot American Eagle Class A motor coach in the RV park usually reserved for pro golfers on the Masters Tour! Upon our relocation home in 2001 we were thrilled to hear that the Freed’s had acquired Yardley Inn and looked forward to the same first class experience we had become accustomed to at Nemacolin. We have never been disappointed.

Virtually all of our important family events have taken place at the Yardley Inn including both of our daughter’s graduations from Pennsbury High School. We marked my mother-in-law’s 80th birthday here and will again celebrate her 89th birthday in July. My mother would occasionally invite me to lunch with her bowling friends at Yardley Inn where we were always waited on by Nancy. It is still so nice to see her when we come in! How special is it to see the same server you have known for 20 plus years! We celebrated the lives of my father and then my mother here.

Last week our daughter’s boyfriend invited us to brunch during a business trip from D.C. Yardley Inn has become his favorite local place too. During our brunch he told us that he loved our daughter and our family and hoped for our blessing to ask our daughter to marry him! What a wonderful milestone to add to our Yardley Inn repertoire! How many places can you go today where they know your name and that you like your Rob Roy extra dry and your gluten-free Martini dirty! Big Mike turned us on to the Malbec that is now our favorite wine!

The Yardley Inn is a first rate establishment with a first rate staff. We are able to bring friends, family and business associates from all over the world and know they will be impressed. We look forward to many more years of milestones at the Yardley Inn. Thank you!