Yardley Inn to Host Paul & Philippe Zinck Vins D’Alsace Wine Dinner on March 20

zinck2The Zinck Winery and the Yardley Inn share a common philosophy—a resounding respect for the environment and sustainable farming and production. Food and wine both are only as good as the quality of their ingredients, and the constant focus on quality, freshness, and local, responsible sourcing make the Zinck Winery and the Yardley Inn Restaurant, Bar & Farm a match made in heaven. The Yardley Inn, located along the Delaware River in Bucks County, looks forward to hosting the Paul & Philippe Zinck Vins D’Alsace Wine Dinner on March 20, beginning at 7 p.m.

The wine dinner will feature five wines from Zinck Winery and five courses of Yardley Inn Executive Chef Eben Copple’s carefully planned cuisine. The menu carries a French flair to complement the wines, which hail from Alsace region of France.


Terrine of foie gras, green apple jelly, pain d’epices
Cremant d’Alsace

Tarte Flambee, bacon and onion flatbread with crème fraiche and goat cheese
Pinot Blanc

Seafood Fleischschnacka, pasta roulade, shellfish mousse
Pinot Gris

Choucroute Garnie, pork sausages with sauerkraut cooked in Riesling
Grand Cru Riesling

Plum & Cream tart

On the winery’s website, Philippe Zinck shares two of his passions—cultivating the vines and producing fine wines—which he says are closely entwined. He calls a great wine “a product of its soil,” stating that he wants his wines to be authentic, fully expressing the terroir (a sense of place comprising the local geography, geology, and climate, as relevant to plant genetics) that nourishes them. The Zinck family has chosen a growing method that is respectful of the earth while harvesting by hand to provide the utmost attention to the vines and fruit. Zinck also says the body of the wines and their aromas were present at harvest, their winemaking processes simply help to improve them.

Tickets to attend the five-course wine dinner are $65 per person. Tax and gratuity are additional. Tickets are available for purchase through the Yardley Inn.

The Yardley Inn hosts numerous themed dinner events each year, including wine dinners, beer dinners, cooking classes, and other themed events. The Yardley Inn is also open for special holidays like St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day, along with normal business hours throughout the year. To make your reservations, call 215.493.3800 or visit the Yardley Inn website (www.yardleyinn.com) to make your reservations online.

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